A Trump healthcare plan could be alternative to “Medicare-for-all”

Trump administration officials are discussing releasing a health plan proposal during a speech in September should courts undo the Affordable Care Act.

Statistically, across the US, polls are showing that Americans overwhelmingly do not want a single payer system.

GDP Advisors co-founder Seth Denson said this is marketing over mechanics calling it "NOT Medicare At All".

“What it does, is it eliminates the free market system, it eliminates the private insurance markets in the capacity they do now. And, in Medicare as it stands today, Medicare utilizes the private pay system as its backbone," said Denson.

He said a "Medicare for All" single payer platform would end up costing more than three trillion dollars a year—and to put that into perspective...

"The current revenues to the United States government through taxation is right at $3.4 trillion a year, so we would quite literally need to double our current tax revenues just to pay for this monstrosity," said Denson.

He said there's no such thing as free, the middle-class will end up paying for it in the end.

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