Study finds most connected and wok generation ever are most lonely

Millennials are the loneliest generation in recent history, according to a new survey.

Nearly one third of people between ages 22 and 37 said that they always or often feel lonely, and have no friends, according to a YouGov survey. Young people might have hundreds or thousands of connections and "friends" on social media, but absolutely no one to hang out with.

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Jeannie Whitman said we're missing something in the paradox of Millenials being the most connected, yet most lonely.

"Social media plays a role because I think it is trying to substitute for real human interaction, where people actually pick up the phone and talk or they actually go places together," said Whitman.

Whitman said those are admitting they don't have friends, but loneliness isn't new, there's a shift and systemic problem for Millennials.

"We're absorbing other people, what they say are their highlight reel, and measuring it against our life and our friends and coming up short, coming up angry and resentful and brooding," said Whitman.

Past generations didn't have the technology to text, email, snap, tweet, post, IM and live stream one another from anywhere on the planet. The study found 20 percent of Gen X-ers and 15 percent of Baby Boomers feel isolated.

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