El Paso Mayor on KTRH: We're getting ready for 20 funerals - Death Toll: 22

UPDATE: Death toll now reaches 22, according to local officials.

The people of El Paso are still in shock after what happened this weekend. In fact, you could say all of Texas is, after a gunman walked into a Walmart, opened fire, and killed 20 people. Another 26 were injured in the rampage.

Two days after the senseless attack, El Paso Mayor Dee Margo joined Houston's Morning News and told Jimmy Barrett on KTRH his city now has to take the next step in the grieving process, which will be going on for a long time.

"The victims have gone to the morgue. They will then be released for their funerals. So, we are gearing up for 20 funerals," Margo said somberly/

The Mayor also had a few choice words for the shooter, who will be facing capital murder charges.

"I think he's a coward in spite of his supposed diatribe and missive that he posted online," Margo said, adding that as soon as police converged on the shooter, he surrendered.

The Mayor also told Jimmy Barrett he knew immediately that it was not someone from El Paso who committed the crime.

"It's not our nature," Margo stated.

If you want to help the victims, Margo said the best way to do that is to donate to the Paso del Norte Community Foundation. HERE is the link to donate.

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