Will the Democrats actually go down the impeachment road?

Democrats keep threatening impeachment. But it might be nothing more than a threat.

The questions are out there. Are the Democrats bluffing? Will they open an impeachment inquiry or investigation? Lauren Appell with Fox tells KTRH the left is split on the whole thing.

“It’s a nice talking point for them. They like using it to appeal to the far left,” Appell said.

But Mike Huckabee told Fox News the polls say they shouldn't go down this road.

“These guys are delusional. I don’t think America wants to go through an impeachment process,” Huckabee stated.

That if they do, it may not even get past Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“You’re not going to get the votes in the House. Pelosi won’t allow it. She knows it’s a disaster,” Huckabee explained.

So why the constant talk? Why the three attempts by Congressman Al Green to kick start this? Appell says it's all about votes.

“It appeals to their base. They like to talk about it because it lets the base feel like they are doing something about it,” Appell told KTRH News.

But reality, and a Republican majority in the Senate, says they can't.

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