Big Tech censors ad for using the word 'Christian'

It's happened again. Big tech has censored the religious right.

Chad Robichaux, founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation to help veterans when they come home. He tells Fox News that YouTube rejected an video he wanted to post that had the word 'Christian' in it.

"This could not have been a long term policy. We've been running ads with the word 'Christian' in it up until two weeks ago," Robichaux said.

So he decided to test something with results that should concern you.

"We put in the word 'Muslim,' and replaced the word 'Christian' with it. The ad ran. In fact the ad is still running right now. We wanted to see if they had taken it down and they have not," Robichaux explained.

Nicole Hudgens with Texas Values tells KTRH YouTube is simply discriminating based on religion.

"Big tech is picking winners and losers. That's not fair for free speech and it sets a dangerous precedent," Hudgens said, adding that Apple, Google and Amazon combined don't do as much as faith based groups do for the economy.

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