Today is When Hurricane Activity Starts Cranking Up

August and September are the height of the hurricane season for the Texas Gulf Coast. Today is August first.

There’s a minor disturbance in the tropics off the coast of Puerto Rico that could pick up strength and bring rain along the East Coast, most likely to impact Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. It has a 10% chance of cyclone formation over the next five days.

More concerning to residents along the Texas coastline is now only known as Disturbance 2 but has a 60% chance of cyclone formation over the next five days. Right now it’s just a broad area of shower and thunderstorm activity. It’s southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands, a land formation just off the western coast of the African continent. Nothing much is expected for the next couple days, but environmental conditions are conducive for it to develop over the weekend, and early next week it could become a tropical depression.

The name of the next storm will be Chantal.

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