Getting serious? It’s time to have the money talk

Money has always been an issue in relationships, it's one of the biggest causes of breakups.

If you're in, or headed towards, a long-term relationship--it is time to come clean about your financial situation.

A poll recently found Americans are lying to their significant others about how much debt they have and their salary.

Relationship therapist Jennifer Styers said lying can cause a relationship to end quickly.

"Being open and honest about your finances is huge because at least it lets somebody know where they stand with you and you don't want to get vested into a relationship and bait somebody in with a lie," said Styers.

She said there's even dating apps based on your credit score.

"People's financial situation is important. Somebody's credit score shows their stability, their ability to be responsible," said Styers.

She said the money talk is a good one to have.

The poll found the average person waited until the relationship was at least six months before revealing their debt levels to their partner.

A majority also said they would delay getting married until both people were financially stable.

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