Mainstream media now decides who you can criticize

The mainstream media has taken it upon themselves to decide who can criticize whom, especially when it comes to issues of race.

Some have now called them the new segregationists. Because of the Elijah Cummings controversy, the left and cable news have decided you can't take a person to task if they're a different color than you are.

“It goes back to this weird world where we are not allowed to say or do anything,” Dan Gainor of the Media Research center explained. “It goes back to the old saying that you can’t make a Polish joke unless you’re Polish; that you can’t make an Irish Joke unless you’re Irish.”

Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center tells KTRH the mainstream media wants to copy social media, where speech gets restricted because of 'safe spaces.'

“That’s what the press is doing because we’ve had decades of these idiots being taught in public schools that safe spaces are more important than the Constitution of the United States,”

So they ignore what President Trump has for African American unemployment, calling him a racist, and ignoring all of the white politicians he's gone after.

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