Airport Shopping is Soaring!

Malls and brick and mortar retailers are struggling - but airport retail is thriving. Bill Begley of the Houston Airport System says, “Both Bush and Hobby Airports have local favorite stores and restaurants so that people get a taste of Houston when they are here --- but there are also national brand names that are doing very well! They have a captive audience. They have travelers that are stuck in an airport. Did they forget their camera or lose their headphones?”

It's not just tooth brushes and magazines! Sales at high-end jewelry, clothing and cell phone stores are also seeing success. Begley continues, "Mac, Brooks Brothers, Spanks, Victoria’s Secret.The I Store. Best Buy has automated vending machines in our airports and those are doing well.”

Retailers love grabbing travelers with credit cards, time on their hands and the want to buy impulsively. As airport travel expands - so will the shopping!

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