Texas' illegal immigrant numbers shouldn’t surprise you

Texas DPS has been keeping track of the number of illegals getting into Texas and what they’ve done since they have gotten here.

Between June of 2011 and this past June DPS has recorded 200 thousand illegals committing more than 313 thousand crimes. There have also been 567 arrests for homicide. Breitbart's Bob Price wasn't shocked.

“It shouldn’t be surprising that they are committing more crimes after they get into the country. I’ve been reporting on these numbers for some time. They keep going up,” Price explained.

Price not every state does what Texas does, because it would cause problems for the left.

“Texas is one of the few states that actually tracks crimes by illegal aliens. Many states have no reporting facilities whatsoever about what the immigration status of people that are incarcerated. That’s by design,” Price said.

Nationally, since October, there have been 61 thousand migrant children cross the border, costing taxpayers $230 million for diapers, baby formula, and snacks.

Agents Patrol Texas Border To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Entering U.S.

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