Talk about a Stranger Thing; is NetFlix in trouble?

Despite the success of 'Stranger Things' TV observers say it's been a rough summer for NetFlix. The streaming service has lost some of its most popular shows and lost more than $24-billion in value.

Houston media blogger Mike McGuff says NetFlix may have been too successful for its own good.

"Everyone who puts, you know, the other TV companies who put their shows on NetFlix were saying 'oh, we can make some extra money with this' are saying 'wait a minute, we're giving away a lot money on this -- we need to start our own streaming services and keep our own hit shows to ourselves.'"

But McGuff says this is probably just growing pains for NetFlix; he doesn't see a competitor than can take its place. However, he says NetFlix could die a death of a thousand cuts if streaming gets too fragmented.

There's certainly competition at the McGuff house.

"We're going to start seeing all of the other broadcasting companies starting their own streaming services and I can say in my own house, we're extremely excited about Disney Plus that's coming up later this year just because you're going to have the Marvel and the Star Wars and the Disney content in a house with two boys here."

McGuff says NetFlix is probably okay, but they can't grow complacent.

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