Politics isn’t just news anymore

Politics used to be news, and just news. Now, it’s gone beyond that. It’s entertainment. It’s gossip, like Rudy Giuliani's divorce. It’s Page Six.

It's why the cable news networks are all Trump all the time. This didn't just start with Trump. You can trace it back to Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio Hall in the early 90's. Charles Blain at Urban Reform tells KTRH the game has changed.

“Reporters and analysts have seen there’s less of an interest in politics and more of an interest in their personal lives,” Blain said.

And he says the changes are not for the better.

“When there is a breaking news story we get corrections from the previous stories because there’s no waiting for the facts. We are so used to strict political reporting,” Blain explained.

He adds that when real news happens, it seems like reporters don't know how to handle it, or they try to find a way to connect whatever breaking news there is to politics.

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