Analysts: Mueller testimony a disaster for Democrats

After day-long testimony by former special counsel Robert Mueller, President Trump told reporters this is just another win for him and his administration.

“The Democrats had nothing, and now they have less than nothing,” Trump said.

During his testimony, Democrats tried to point out that the President committed obstruction, a point Mueller did not agree with. He also told lawmakers he was able to do his job without any interference.

Even liberals like Chuck Todd on MSNBC think Democrats lost.

“On optics this was a disaster,” Todd said.

Chris Wallace on Fox said Mueller didn't have a great day.

“I think it does raise questions to the degree he actually was in charge of the investigation,” Wallace stated.

RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong actually felt bad for Mueller.

“It seemed like he didn’t have all his mental faculties there. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for putting him in that situation,” Armstrong told KTRH.

And Republican strategist Bryan Preston this was the train wreck he expected.

“It was disastrous for the Democrats,” Preston said.

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