What in the World is Going to Change Next?

The pace of change has become accelerated and irregular beyond any previous comprehension. Not too long ago people were winding up car windows with a handle, making phone calls on a large contraption attached by a cord to a wall, and getting off the couch to change channels on TV.

In the very near future expect remote controls, the things that replaced getting up to change channels, to disappear. Technology is replacing them and remote controls are on the road to extinction, and museums. Landlines for telephones will probably be phased out in short order. Physical storage of memory, like your memory stick, or even a CD, is on its way to obsolescence, and everything you need stores you’ll be able to upload your data to your DNA, which has a massive capacity.

But more than everything around you, technology futurist Dr. Jamie Metzl, suggests medical science will undergo the biggest transformation as artificial intelligence meets genetic analysis.

“I think it’s going to be predictive genetics,” he says in an interview with The Rogan Experience. We can’t even imagine how that’s going to impact….everything. But it will. “And once we have that, it’s going to fundamentally change health care. What we call health care today is actually sick care. You show up with a symptom. It’s going to be predictive.”

It’s going to be in your DNA, a physicians at the very least are going to able to read you, and the rest of your life, like a book. From the moment you’re born, Dr. Metzl says. “When you’re taking your kid home, and the doctor says, ‘Congratulations, but FYI, your kid has a 50% or greater chance of getting yearly onset Alzheimer’s 50 years from now.’”

The implications for the future of mankind are immense. If your offspring carry markers for disease, and you have the ability to protect them from the disease, will you?

Today only 6.5% of American homes have a landline only. Tomorrow’s technological change are going to go far beyond how to place a call.

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