Where's in YOUR Dream Neighborhood?

When buying a house, your dream neighborhood is just as important as your dream kitchen! Your idea of the ideal neighborhood has changed just like you have! In a new survey from Improve Net --- a good public school is no longer number one, but grocery stores and a farmers market are right up there.Tim Surratt of Greenwood King Properties says buyers in Houston are still concerned by schools, but things like public libraries and ethnic and cultural diversity are as well. “'Is there a park to us?' With our yards getting smaller and smaller, they want a park close by that they can go to with their kids and their dog.”

People who move in from out of state are very concerned -- and happy --with our cost of living here. Surratt says strong public schools are still top priority here even if the buyer doesn't have children. “Second thing they look at is ‘walkability.’ That’s becoming huge in Houston and probably everywhere else in the area too. They ask, ‘How close is the H.E.B., how many restaurants are here, is there a coffee shop near or gym?’ ”

Here are the Top 1 Through 20 Place Dream Neighborhood Must Haves according to Improve Net.

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