Mueller testifies today

All eyes are on Washington, where Robert Mueller testifies for Congress today.

Yes, Democrats get another bite at the apple after Mueller said there was no collusion in his report earlier this year.

“I want the taxpayers to see the way Democratic Congress is spending their money; a do-over of the do-over of the do-over,” White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway said this week.

Gary Polland with the Texas Conservative Review there's only one question he'd ask.

“If you thought you had a case, why didn’t you go to the grand jury? He’s going to have to say he didn’t have a case,” Polland stated.

Political analyst Chris Begala says Mueller will tell Democrats one thing.

“He’s probably going to reiterate the potential of obstruction,” Begala told KTRH.

While telling Republicans he will stick his report. And Begala doesn't think today is make or break for Dems.

“The Democrats are going to continue down this road, this folly, and this joke of an attack on Trump,” Begala explained.

In other words, they will milk this for as long as they can, and today won’t be the end of the story.

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