Expense Report Madness

Corporate America loves its expense reports. Do employees at your job try to get by with goofy stuff on their expense reports? The Accounts Payable people at Robert Half put together a list of their 20 most outrageous expense report entries. The list includes a cow, $500 cowboy boots, a Lamborghini, and my personal favorite, a statue of a chicken in a top hat!

John Armel is the Division Director for Robert Half Management Resources in Houston and he's seen quite a few himself. “One of the most cringe worthy expenses that tried to get through was a massage at the airport! I have seen kitty litter on an expense report. It was denied when it was discovered it was a monthly expense he was running through!”

Armel says that sometimes there’s one that looks fraudulent and is justifiable. Like the time he himself ordered pizzas at 9:00 am for that afternoon's client lunch. “Corporate came down to my manager and said, 'There’s an inappropriate expense here. There was a large number of pizzas bought for breakfast! That can’t be right!'" They got it straightened out. Here's the official list.

Robert Half's Top Twenty Most Outrageous Expense Entries

  1. Pearls
  2. A propane tank exchange
  3. A Pogo stick
  4. A cow
  5. Jet ski rental
  6. Superbowl tickets
  7. A bear rug
  8. A motorcycle
  9. 59 cents for parking
  10. A statute of a chicken in a top hat
  11. A yacht
  12. $500 cowboy boots
  13. A horse trailer
  14. Invoices for another company
  15. Traffic tickets
  16. A trip to Italy
  17. Video games
  18. Kids’ clothing
  19. A hot air balloon ride, and
  20. A Lamborghini


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