A Netflix doc highlights loss of privacy from Facebook

The Netflix documentary “The Great Hack” starts streaming today and explains how every like and share turns into data that targets us at every click. It’s about how people became the product to be sold on social media platforms, for the sacrifice of privacy.

You search for one thing online—shoes, a new bed, tools—and then your social media platforms are inundated with those topics.

"Are we willing to move backwards to maintain that privacy we used to have? Or, are we hooked on the convenience that we have today, and just recognize to have that convenience, we're giving up a lot in terms of privacy," said ethics expert Chuck Gallagher.

He reminded us we used to get information from the local news and watch the commercials for advertisements about what we needed or wanted and for the most part, our identity was secure.

"Are you really willing to give up the connection that you have and the ease of being able to communicate for the privacy that we once experienced?," asked Gallagher.

The main players in “The Great Hack” are Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

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