Yes! Send a "Thank You" Note

According to CareerBuilder, only 57% of candidates follow up on job interviews with thank you emails.

But in a separate survey by Robert Half, 58% of hiring managers say that sending a thank you note helps a candidate.

Clearly, writing a thank you letter could be the key to pushing anyone to the next level in the interview process; but is it possible that some don’t write one out of fear that there's won’t impress?

Carla D. Bass, Colonel, Air Force (Ret), highly acclaimed speaker and author of the multiple award-winning book, Write To Influence!, has developed proven strategies and Word Sculpting Tools that can be incorporated into one’s own approach to improve thank you letters and your resumes to make anyone stand out from the crowd!

Col. Bass tells KTRH, "There are 18 Tips to Leverage the Reader’s Time to Your Advantage: In an email, as with all communication, time and space are critical. The reader’s attention is ephemeral and so is your opportunity to convey your message."

She also says, "There are Three Questions Your Resume Should Answer: What did you do? What were the impacts of your accomplishments? What was your value added . . . in concrete terms?"


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