The Boss is Spying on You

New technology is helping your boss know more about what you're doing like emailing a client from home at 6:00 a.m.. Employers have even more technical tools to see what you're all about.Executive coach and IT expert Mark Fenner says, “Artificial intelligence has really changed in the way that employers can gain insight into how individuals interact together and how teams perform. Used properly, these new technologies are going to help employers do a better job at retaining and employing good people. Your boss can now find out more about you than just from your Facebook and twitter accounts."

Here are some examples from Fenner: “When you communicate with voice mail at work – those voice mails are transcribed into text that your supervisor can read and keep. So --- you have gotta be careful of what you’re saying. When you send an email – be careful of what you’re typing. Your voice mails and emails are monitored for details like how quickly you respond to clients as well as your youtube and twitter visits.“

Fenner cautions, "At work, you need to understand that you’re on somebody else’s network. If you’re worried about somebody knowing what you’re saying or what you’re doing – bring your own network. That’s your personal phone.”

The WiFi hot spot is even in on it. After all - you can't hide what you put on your company's network and now your boss has even better access to it.

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