Maybe Politics does make Strange Bedfellows!

A while back, common talk said that religious differences between husband and wife can ruin a marriage. Then it was Longhorn fans and Aggie fans can’t have Thanksgiving dinner together. But now, Christians and Jews have worked out happy marriages and families have members who went to schools all over Texas and can still pass the cranberry sauce with great civility. So… The next Great Relationship Breaker may be Politics.

Divorce Attorney Lene' Alley DeRudder of Calabrese Budner says it's a about ideology. “They might decide they worship a higher being in a different way – but they have the same belief system. Their ideological base is the same. What you’re seeing now – with our political climate – things are being magnified. You’re either on one side of the ideological fence or you’re on the other!”

Americans who have been peacefully married for decades are now fighting bitterly. “People evolve in marriages and so do their belief systems. Right now a lot of that gets associated with political party lines.” She sees couples who are considering divorce because of their political standings.She tells them, “Try to find a way to communicate you beliefs and your thoughts with kindness and compassion for one another. You love one another and part of that is trying to understand what the other is feeling and thinking. “

Some couples who aren’t married yet are having their difficulties, too. “If you’re starting out in a place where you can’t communicate at all about politics, you may consider, ‘Is this the right relationship? Is this the right time?’”

We're living in interesting times.

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