Elon Musk now delving into AI and treating brain disorders

By the end of 2020, Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk wants to connect humans' brains directly to computers to ease chronic medical condition symptoms.

For years, scientists have been studying and implanting chips into human brains to treat brain disorders.

The Brain Performance Center's founder and clinical director Leigh Richardson explained the chip would only help a patient tethered directly in front of a computer.

"If you're a quadriplegic, it's going to give you independence and it's going to allow you to live more autonomously. That certainly is attractive," said Richardson.

She said brain surgery is very difficult. Currently, devices are being implanted in the brain of Parkinson's patients.

"Think about from a security standpoint--let's say somebody hacks into your computer, can they hack into your brain? And, then from a privacy standpoint," said Richardson.

She said she doesn't foresee this happening soon, there's too much involved, including getting FDA approval. Musk admitted federal approval on implanted neural devices is difficult.

Musk founded Neuralink Corp. in July 2016 and said it's raised more than $39 million from seven investors - more than three-quarters of its goal.

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