'The Squad’might be Trump's best weapon in 2020

The group of Congresswomen known as ‘The Squad’ get a lot of attention from the mainstream media, and that’s hurting Democrats.

In fact, they could help President Trump win re-election next year. Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator says party leaders let them run wild.

“They have tied themselves inexplicably to be the spokespeople for the party, and that’s crazy,” Mackenzie said.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy told Fox News they have gotten nothing accomplished in Congress.

“They’re left wing cranks, and they are the reason there are directions on the shampoo bottle,” Kennedy stated.

Mackenzie says you have to give Trump credit for successfully branding them as the true leaders of the party.

“He knows how they are going to react, and as they try to make themselves victims when they are anything but it makes people like them even less,” Mackenzie explained.

And it might just make more people want to vote for Trump next year.

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