Group warns Dems against ignoring older voters

Democrats are seen as ignoring older voters, and that might wind up helping Republicans and President Trump next year.

The AARP says ignoring older voters is a mistake. UT Arlington political scientist Allan Saxe says the AARP is right.

“They show up to vote. They are very consistent in that and general speaking, very conservative,” Saxe stated.

Robert Charles with the Association of Mature American Citizens, who is a former Assistant Secretary of State under George W. Bush, told KTRH Saxe is right, and says older voters have a different world view than younger voters.

“They are extremely interested in border security. A lot of them are veterans,” Charles stated.

And Charles says that group of voters is wary about the lurch towards socialism in the Democratic Party.

“They know what the stakes are. They lived through the Cold War. They don’t want to see the showing up of socialism on America’s shores,” Charles explained.

Pew research said voters older than 65 will make up about 23 percent of the electorate next year. That's their largest share since at least 1970.


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