Under Trump administration more women are in the workforce than ever before

Under the Trump administration, more women are in the workforce than ever before, with higher wages, empowering them to reach their economic potential in Texas.

Under President Trump, women have accounted for 56 percent of the jobs created since he took office.

Women’s unemployment has been lower under President Trump than it’s been in nearly 70 years, with more than 3.4 million jobs have been added for women.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign launched the Women for Trump Coalition to empower women who support President Trump.

Trump for Women Coalition advisory board's Shyla Valentine says the president's policies are changing women's lives.

"And what's really exciting, is that in his first year of administration 600,000 women came off poverty," said Valentine. "Record low unemployment among women--3.6 percent, the lowest since 1953.”

She said President Trump is the first president to put in the budget a plan for six weeks of paid family leave after the birth of a child.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a 100% increase to the Child Tax Credit, a proven tax cut that has lifted millions of Americans out of poverty.

President Trump included a six-week family leave proposal in his FY 2020 budget. The proposal also calls for a $1 billion fund that would be used to help workers and employers create child-care programs.

She added the president has a record number of donors--with 50 percent in the last quarter are women.

Business woman with expression of triumph in the office

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