Migrant families suing for $3M over family separations

Illegal immigrant families are suing the Trump Administration over family separation, and are asking for $3 Million each.

The six families suing claim they need the money for counseling and medical care to heal from "torture." Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk says it's ridiculous.

“It’s really the height of delusion to think you can illegally enter a foreign country, be upset at their detention standards, and sue,” Davidiuk said.

Of course immigrant rights groups are behind this, and Davidiuk says they are trying to create a climate of fear.

“They want to create some kind of precedent and groundswell that will put some kind of hesitation into officials enforcing those laws over a fear they might get sued,” Davidiuk explained, adding that these same groups say nothing about families who lose loved because of criminal acts committed by illegal aliens.

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