Tariffs are working; Chinese economy struggling

The President promised that the tariffs against China and Mexico would work, and he was right.

White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro told Fox China's economic growth has slowed to its weakest point in 27 years.

“The Chinese government is seeing slower growth,” Navarro told Fox News this week.

U-H political science professor Jacquie Baly told KTRH you shouldn't be surprised.

“They’ve always had a huge profit margin, and thanks to the tariffs we’ve seen a huge different,” Baly explained.

American jobs that haven't been available in the past are now available. Mexico has promised to help control their border. But the mainstream media isn't telling you any of that.

“Why would they let us know? They are so biased against this President, so that’s something we are not going to hear much about,” Baly told KTRH News, adding you’ll hear opinion, but not facts.

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