Political Book Exhaustion?

Last year political books like Fire and Fury and FBI Director James Comey's A Higher Loyalty were flying off the shelves. Keaton Patterson of Brazos Book Store says things have changed. “We hit a plateau late last year --- and they’re not selling like they did – even six months ago.” He says there are still new political books coming in. “They are the kind of obligatory memoirs by everybody who’s a democrat and running for president. When they first come in , they sell OK, but after a while, the sales just taper off.”

Patterson thinks readers are going through Political Book Overload and are exhausted. “There are so many of these books that have come out. Everybody seems to have one to write! But I think people are just exhausted from them! The biggest seller for us right now is Bryan Washington’s debut stories LOT which is all set in Houston and surrounding areas." It is, of course, fiction.

Here are the Top Selling Books in the U.S. this week.

Beautiful young female customer reading book at bookstore

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