Not Drinking Alcohol -- a Cure for What "Ales" You!

Here's a new thought...NOT drinking can raise a woman's spirits! As a part of mental healing, one study promotes women abstaining from alcohol Psychiatrist Dr. Lantie Joranby says she would prescribe it to women who are dealing with personal issues. "If the woman is really struggling with depression, or if she can’t handle stress well, or if her sleep is compromised.” .Dr. Jessica Rohr of Baylor College of Medicine and the Menninger Clinic agrees. She says she would especially prescribe an alcohol-free life to women who are depressed. "I would suggest they go alcohol free. Alcohol, after all, is a depressant.”

Dr. Rohr says women and men process alcohol differently. “Women have less ability to handle alcohol. It has to do with our chemical and physical makeup. So it’s naturally going to affect us more severely. Now we are seeing that not only men and women socialized differently, we have different levels of hormones and chemicals. We use alcohol for different reasons.”

Some researchers even claim abstaining from alcohol can reduce life stresses like family conflict.

Depressed Woman with Red Wine

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