Is Greed Still Good?

Gordon Gekko said "Greed is Good" - but Millenials disagree.Many Millenials want to improve society and don't think American corporations agree. Millenial expert Stefanie O'Connell says, “They are wanting to make sure that their personal values are going to be aligned with the company culture also.Many highly qualified people under 35 want the company they work for to share their ideals in making a positive impact on the world." O'Connell continues to give a bit of advice to corporate movers and shakers, "They need to understand what their workers need. And know that those needs for younger workers are going to be different from those who are older.””

University of Houston's Bauer College of Business Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne says,"Many corporations are adjusting slowly to a more responsible model. But there are still companies that are much more focused on the bottom line at the expense of everything else and they're not doing very well.It’s a very competitive market to get talented labor. And even if they are able to recruit people, they are having a hard time with retention.Highly qualified candidates have a lot of choices right now."

As a recent Deloitte study points out, young employees won't risk finding their fortune if it means losing their soul.

These days Gordon Gekko would be hard-pressed to find anyone under 35 who would work for him.

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