Illegals stay for average of 15 years

The average illegal immigrant winds up living in the United States for fifteen years. And you’re paying the bill.

That bill is larger than you'd think. David Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform tells KTRH the number is in the billions.

“It comes out to about $116 billion dollars annually,” Ray said.

Other numbers put the cost at more than 740 billion for a lifetime. And it will go up, because asylum claims have jumped from just over 35 thousand in 2009 to more than 162-thousand last year.

“Asylum abuse is running rampant in the U.S.,” Ray stated.

Back in 2000, the average illegal alien lived here for just over seven years, so in the last two decades that number has more than doubled.

It’s a trend that conservative Democrats find troubling. One of those Democrats is New Jersey’s George Norcross, who questioned why the left is supporting criminal illegal aliens.

“I have at times told people in Washington, whether it was Majority Leader Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi: ‘Why is the Democratic Party supporting criminals that are here illegally,'” Norcross said in the interview that resurfaced recently.

He also said that, “If you’re a criminal, you do not belong here. And the American public doesn’t want it. Why do we as a party support that? I don’t understand it. And that’s why the Democratic Party has not been attractive to certain elements of the working class of our country.

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