Is the DNC trying to rig their primary again?

The Democrats running for President will hold their second round of debates later this month, and CNN is changing the rules. Some think it’s the DNC playing primary games again.

Specifically, games to help a preferred candidate, Joe Biden. Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon says the media and the DNC gave no ethics.

“There’s just no integrity right now within the Democratic Party. In 2016 they tried to rig Bernie Sanders out of the race,” Colon explained.

So among the rule changes; no more shows of hands, one word responses, or down the line questions. Colon says the DNC wants to rig this like they rigged the Democratic race in 2016.

“They are not looking to have a fair process whether it’s in Congress or in their own debate systems,” Colon stated.

CNN also says they will use colored lights to help the candidates manage their time to respond.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In First Debate Of 2020 Election Over Two Nights

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