ICE raids underway in Houston, nine other cities

The raids conducted by ICE that President Trump promised got underway in Houston and nine other cities over the weekend.

There was no sign of anything out of the usual, and Breitbart's Bob Price aid that was by design.

“There’s nothing unusual about this. This is what their job is; when a judge gives an order to remove someone their job is to find that person and remove them from the country,” Price explained.

Which is exactly what Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence told Fox News is what happened.

“We are doing targeted enforcement actions against specific individuals who have had their day in court,” Albence said.

But, Democrats in Congress have spoken out against it, even telling illegals how to avoid arrest.

“To me that’s akin to obstruction of justice,” Price explained. “These are elected officials who are supposed to make the law and that swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.”

HPD Chief Art Acevedo told KTRH in a text he's expecting more operations this week.

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