¿Habla usted Perro?

The staff at the Harris County Animal Shelter has found out why some of their adoptable dogs have a harder time than others to learn basic commands like "Sit," "Come" and "Shake." They know the commands already --- but not in English!

Staff members at the shelter say this "diversity in pets" is reflective of the diversity present in Harris County. They say some of the animals are more responsive to Spanish, and others only know commands in Vietnamese. Because the shelter employees are already busy busy busy taking care of these "good boys" and "good girls" --- they just don't have the time to retrain the dogs in English. That's just one more fun thing you can do when you bring your new adopted dog home.

No, they don't discriminate against cats in this discovery. They did discover that cats equally ignore commands in all languages - but react quickly to any can opener!

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