Should Texas cattle raisers worry about Franken-meat?

These days, your steak is grown on a ranch, but tomorrow, it may be in a lab. Phony meat makers claim they've made breakthroughs in the science and lab meat is in your table's future. Is it "all hat, no cattle," or do Texas cattle raisers have reason to worry?

Jeremy Fuchs at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association says ranchers have lots to worry about, but not this -- yet.

"From drought to government regulation and all sorts of other things; I think this is one that's not as serious."

Fuchs says regulation will be key for the fake meat future.

"As an industry we are working with the federal agencies who are going to be in charge of regulating this new, lab-grown, cell cultured product."

For now, test tube meat is too expensive for most restaurants.

"I'm not real concerned about the competition aspect because I, myself, am not in any hurry to rush out and buy a steak or hamburger that has been grown in a petri dish or some other piece of lab equipment in some far off laboratory."

Fuchs says cattle raisers will insist the government regulate the lab meat industry tightly.

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