Poll finds Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy, not the case locally

With a potential hurricane brewing in the Gulf, it reminds people of Hurricane Harvey, and what they turned to for comfort—religion.

A recent poll that found Americans rarely seek guidance from clergy, but local religious leaders don't agree.

Congregation Beth Yeshurun Senior Rabbi Brian Strauss said in this day and age people are looking for community more than ever and the answers can be found in various religious destinations.

"In recent years, we've actually seen an increase in attendance, more participation," said Strauss.

He said since Hurricane Harvey, his religious community has come back stronger.

"You can find anything on the internet, but you can't find the emotion and rationale that you need from a religious leader when you're making important decisions in your life," said Strauss.

Houston Area Pastor Council Executive Director Dave Welch said it comes down to trust and relationship.

"In times of crisis, we still generally and naturally, do turn to clergy for counsel," said Welch.

He said the more often people attend church, the more likely they are to seek clergy's counsel.

"We are increasingly in a disconnected society, and that includes, very often, in church," said Welch.

He said religious leaders need to ask themselves if they are: connecting with people, building relationships and accessible.

Men Pray Together in Church

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