Judge says Trump can't force drug companies to list prices

It was a setback for the Trump Administration. A judge has struck down the attempt by the White House to require drug companies to list prices in ads you see on television.

And with the ruling, the issue is basically left for Congress to deal with. RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong, who is also a physician, tells KTRH he doesn't think lawmakers will do much to lower your costs for now.

“Neither side will. It’s very complicated. A lot of politicians are getting money from big pharmaceutical companies,” Armstrong said.

Those companies donated millions to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for last year's midterms. Armstrong says that gives them power. So what can we do?

“They have an extraordinary amount of power because they are so big and because they got lots of federal money as well. Maybe that’s a better way to deal with it,” Armstrong said, adding that a drawback to taking federal money away from these companies is they could decide not to make the drugs we need.

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