Technology changes at the grocery store

"Amazon Go" stores aren't in Texas yet, but they almost certainly will be. We talk a lot about how robots will take our jobs -- this is one of the first: the future of grocery shopping may be without human cashiers.

Hope you like having a camera follow you around the grocery store because George Kelemen of the Texas Retailers Association says it's coming, like it or not.

"I think we can be assured that conveniences and technology like this will eventually be much more of the norm, without a doubt."

There are no Amazon Go stores in Texas yet, but Kelemen says process will be easy.

"You apply through an app that they may have and then you just go along and scan your own products as you go, on the shelf, and then you simply walk out of the store."

Some worry all the surveillance will lead to facial recognition stealing our privacy, but Amazon promises it's not about saving faces.

Kelemen says there will be some kinks to work out.

"As this kind of technology merges into more mainstream use, like a shopping experience, those are definitely pieces of the equation that companies are going to have to figure out."

For now, Amazon is testing its Go stores in Seattle, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

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