President Trump unhappy with Fox News

The President has had issues with the mainstream media for years. He now seems to have issues with Fox News as well.

In a Sunday night Tweet the President took Fox to task, saying that the network is leaving their core audience - conservatives - behind. Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center explains why Fox has been doing things different lately.

“Fox clearly wants to be an election player. They want to cover the Democratic debates and interview Democratic candidates,” Gainor stated.

They've had some Town Halls involving Democratic candidates and have hired former acting DNC Chief Dona Brazile as an analyst. So Gainor says he understands why the President feels the way he does.

“He gets beaten up so much by the media, so if they even try to do a neutral piece he feels beaten up by that,” Gainor explained, adding that Fox won't want to make the same mistake CNN and MSNBC did, with their shift to the left leading to much lower ratings.

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