Leftist ideology in schools about climate change without scientific proof

Do you know what your kids are being taught?

Breitbart finds that teachers without training or textbooks are giving lessons to U.S. public school students on the threat of manmade climate change.

Heartland Institute senior fellow Dr. H. Sterling Burnett said if climate change is taught, it should be of the mentality that the science isn't settled.

"They shouldn't use textbooks that use activist's talking points--that the science is settled, that humans are causing catastrophic climate change, because those claims are made based on climate models which aren't valid, which fail repeatedly in their predictions," said Burnett.

He said it's up to parents to protect their children.

"Parents should be giving them hope for the future, not 'the world is going to end if we don't stop using electricity in the car'," said Burnett.

He said climate change shouldn't be taught to elementary-aged children, maybe young adults, even then, scientific method should be taught over indoctrination.

He added to really teach young adults about climate change, make them start with themselves by not using any vehicles that use fossil fuels, and giving up their electrical devices.

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