Google Tracks Your Purchases

“Technology and innovation always comes with a trade-off. You do have to give up some of your privacy for the convenience.” --- James Bier, VAR Staffing

If you use a Gmail account in any kind of purchase, Google tracks and keeps a log of it- even if you have deleted the email. This includes an emailed receipt from Home Depot, a notice to pick up a prescription, an acknowledgement for a meal delivery. Bier explains why.“All this is done to track a consumer’s shopping and spending habits so big tech companies can sell that data to big retailers.”

It's legal. Bier says, “If you read those Terms and Conditions --- which no one ever really does --- you will see that they make mention of this practice.” He says they sell the data to industries from retail to big pharma. Google and other tech companies have been under fire recently for not protecting your data or disclosing how it's used. So the next time you order a meal delivery, the burger and fries will be logged in!

It seems harmless, but there's an outside chance hackers could become involved.

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