Epidemic at Sam Houston National Forest

Over 47 thousand acres of Montgomery County land is in the Sam Houston National Forest. North of Conroe, the beautiful forest is a great place to enjoy what nature has to offer you. Montgomery County Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack says there's an epidemic in the park. “We are having a problem with people driving up into the national forest and dropping off their debris…and it’s getting worse.”Judge Mack says they work to identify the dumpers and so far haven't pressed charges.“Our Constable here, Phillip Cash and his Cpt. Joe Sclider and his patrol guys have been successful at getting the irresponsible people and companies to come and clean up their mess.”

Household and construction waste is not only ugly for people enjoying the beauty of the forest --- but it's hurting the plants and animals who live there as well. Judge Mack says the local law enforcement will have no tolerance in the offense.“It would be far less expensive for them to load up their trucks and not take their refuse and recyclables to our National Forest – but deliver them to the proper place. That way they won’t have to hire an attorney and face state and federal charges.” The forest also part of San Jacinto and Walker Counties.


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