Houston Megachurch Pastor Makes Stunning Announcement

Prominent Houston megachurch Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell takes to social media to make a surprise announcement...

"I want to share with you, drop to the bottom line... that earlier this week I received a call from MD Anderson informing me that I have been diagnosed with Stage-one prostate cancer."

The longtime leader of Windsor Village United Methodist Church says he has a positive outlook for his survival

"Thank God that my prognosis does not look like my diagnosis; the guy was very clear that I'll die from something as we all will one day, but it will not be from the prostate cancer."

Pastor Caldwell listed several reasons why he made his diagnosis public.

"I encourage members always share so folks can pray for them, so I'm sharing with you. Number two, I wanted to tell you myself before you heard it from someplace else, so you would know what's really going on... I want to encourage you as I have in the past - but it's on another level now of encouragement - I want to encourage you to be a good and faithful steward of your health.

The Houston native was once a spiritual advisor to President George W. Bush. According to the church's website, he's grown his parish to over 16-thousand members.

CLICK HERE to see the entire announcement.

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