New Haunted House Soon To Be Open For Overnight Guests (Video)

Who loves haunted adventures well this may very well be for you? The owners of the Magnolia Hotel said that ghosts are known to roam the halls of nearly 200-year-old hotel that has been closed to the public for decades.

A couple Erin and Jim Ghedi bought the house in 2013 and when they started fixing it up they had company.

According to KHOU11 this is what the couple stated on their experiences:

“We hear conversations in the rooms throughout here when we’re here by ourselves, and we go looking and there’s nobody there,” Jim said.

“It’s kind of like a paranormal Disney World,” added Erin.

They started renovating the building with a goal of preservation.

“One thing that we made sure is that we weren’t remodeling this building, we were restoring it, so everything you see is the original thing,” Erin said.

The house was build by the co-founder of Seguin,Texas Ranger James Campbell in 1840. Erin said that his ghost is still in the house and a rocking chair is known to rock by itself and the smell of cigar smoke is known to linger in the room as well.

“Everybody is here by choice, or they passed away here, and they all communicate,” Erin said. The couple said the structure was later opened as a hotel, and after 1900, it was an apartment building for a while before being deserted when the last owner passed away.

“Our goal is to save this building and put it back to its natural state, and the ghosts just happened to find us,” Erin said.

The hotel has been open by ghost tours for a while now and the Ghedis have renovated a suite in the hotel to use as a Bed and Breakfast for people who want to take the risk and stay in the haunted house.

“They’ll say your name, they’ll play with your hair, the children like to hug your legs,” said Erin. “That’s how you’ll have an experience here."

Reservations will open on August 12 to reserve the suite. 

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