Resume Getting Trashed?

Resumes of older job seekers are often ignored.

If your resume seems to be falling into a black hole - it may be time to make it look more current. Older workers' resumes are often ignored by prospective employers. Chances are you're dating yourself! You don't seem current. Cara Woolet of Jill Hickman Companies says updating your resume will improve your chance. It can be as easy as

  1. only listing 10 to 15 years of work
  2. being more concise - you're not writing a novel
  3. listing only relevant positions and accomplishments
  4. not using the punctuation you learned on a typewriter (like 2 blank spaces after the period at the end of a sentence)
  5. not using an AOL email address, get a Gmail account
  6. not admitting one of your telephone numbers in the contact section is actually a land line

Women over 45 are especially targeted against hiring in technology and entertainment industries and any job where they come face to face with clients.

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