Houston July 4th traffic is some of the worst in the country

If you’re thinking of getting out on the road for the long 4th of July weekend, you better have alternative routes planned, because Houston traffic is going to be an issue.

About three and a half million Texans will be on the road, more than three million of those using their cars. And the experts say Houston has some of the worst Fourth of July traffic in the country. Tim Lomax with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute explains how you will be impacted.

“It could be, on a trip that takes you 45 minutes, it might be an hour and fifteen minutes or an hour and a half,” Lomax explained.

Daniel Armbruster at AAA Texas says the worst day to be on the road will be tomorrow afternoon.

“Between 1-3pm, the delay multiplier in Houston could be three times more than normal,” Armbruster stated.

And there's even more bad news. Gas prices are going up. We've gone from an average of $2.37 for regular last week to an average of $2.43 this week.

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