Challenging abortion providers filing lawsuits on behalf of patients

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton along with 11 other states is asking the Supreme Court to change the rules regarding who can file a lawsuit against an abortion-related law.

Currently, abortion providers can sue as a third party to their clients.

Texas Alliance for Life Executive Director Joe Pojman said that's different from every other type federal lawsuit because usually it's a person who is actually being harmed who files a lawsuit.

He said abortion providers speaking on behalf of women is a conflict of interest.

"They oppose safety requirements designed to protect the health and safety of women. For example, for cleanliness, sterilization of surgical instruments used from women to women," said Pojman.

He said Paxton is being aggressive, yet smart in an effort to block abortion clinics and doctors from challenging state laws on behalf of their patients.

"The attorney general is basically asking the Supreme Court to go back to the usual rules for federal courts and stop giving the abortion providers a free ride," said Pojman.

He said despite abortion providers not having any women's names or relationship...this is an unfair free pass unlike else in the federal court system.

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