Surprisingly, Texas is not a leader in reported UFO sightings

Today is world UFO day. Do you call-in all of your UFO sightings? Somehow Texas is dead last among the states in UFOs reported, per capita. Washington has the most and the top five states are all in the north; the bottom five are all in the south.

Jane Kyle at says she's not doing anything special to mark world UFO day.

"It should be but it's always UFO day in my world."

Kyle says she's surprised to see Texas with the fewest reports. But there are trends in UFO sightings.

"We'll see maybe a wave of triangle UFO sightings and we did see that this past summer in Texas."

Kyle says there are thousands of reports of UFO sightings in Texas and it may be Texans just aren't reporting them as much as those in the northern states.

President Trump told ABC he's not immediately discounting UFO sightings by Navy pilots.

"I think our great pilots would know, and some of them really see things that are a little bit different than in the past, so we're gonna see."

Kyle says her site is kept busy on a daily basis.

"It's reports by capita but if you look at the absolute number of reports it's still quite incredible; it's in the thousands for Texas, so that still is amazing."

The top state on the list is Washington and the top states are all in the north. The bottom five are all in the south.

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