Is this Twitter change targeting Trump?

Twitter is making a change, and some think they are just targeting President Trump.

Twitter says it will now label Tweets from officials that they say violate their rules. Fox Businesses' Stuart Varney is calling foul on this.

“I've got to say, that sounds like censorship to me,” Varney said.

This has some people calling it the ‘Trump Rule.’ Political analyst Kathleen McKinley tells KTRH without Trump's Tweets this change doesn't happen.

“No one has even mentioned the problem before Donald Trump was President. You have to wonder if maybe that’s why,” she said.

But she says the President will get the upper hand like he usually does.

“He has a way of cutting through all the chaos. I don’t see anyone who can beat him right now,” McKinley explained, adding that one way or another, the President will get his message out there.

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