Caribbean Vacation Spots Stink!

Wonderful spots like Playa del Carmen have a smelly seaweed rolling onto their beaches. Mexico has already spent $17 million to clean the beaches - but Travel Expert Shayla Northcutt says, “It’s an ongoing problem. Once they remove the stuff from the beach, it’s back rolling in again.”

She says you can handle it one of two ways:“If you have already planned a trip to the Caribbean you can 1) go ahead and just enjoy resort life. There are all kinds of activities and great food in those resorts. And don’t forget the excursions that take you out beyond the seaweed.Or 2) Call your travel agent and change your destination.

She says she and other top travel agents can “definitely find those areas that are not having nature’s problems. We actually keep in touch with all the hotels to know what their seaweed situations are. We stay in touch with our clients and can keep them informed.”

Mexico has great places along the Pacific and Gulf. Either way - have a great vacation.

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